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hey! i'm pan
about + frienditos + commission TOS

my ARPG account is :iconreeds-keep:

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alright so. im gunna rant about something i hate and will forever hate. if ya don't want to see a rant from me, don't read this. i'm just all fired up and i need to vent out my emotions about this kinda thing.

i hate callout culture, i absolutely hate it and adamantly refuse to ever participate in it. it doesn't matter who asks, doesn't matter whose being called out. a guy who abused me for two years- i never called him out, and i never will, because how he treated me isnt how he treated everyone else. [and no, i will not link his name or any of his info]

80-90% of callout posts are emotionally driven, and therefore biased. [im fine w the 10% that aren't 'this person wronged me' and are literally 'this person is a registered sex offender']
someone isn't going to treat everyone exactly the same, and your interpretation of things is way different from how they think the situation is. they hurt you. ok. thats valid- complain to your friends, tell those close to you. its not your responsibility to tell the internet cause odds are, that person will act different w different people.
thats how people are 

im sick and tired of seeing people want to hurt or, god forbid, kill themselves over internet vitriol. they make one or two comments? dont fucking tell them to go and die. tell them why what they said was misguided. im sick and tired of seeing people take this shit too far, and damage other people
when someone kills themselves, you aren't affecting them only. they have friends and family that care about them. their parents have to bury their child. think about their funeral, about how upset their friends and family will be now they have to bury someone they love. think about how your own family would react- would you really wish that not only on one person, but also their friends and family?

ive seen callout culture drive people to try and kill themselves, i've seen it ruin lives, i've seen it drive people into being anonymous and isolate themselves for the rest of their lives

would you really want that to happen to you? cmon people, its kindergarten teachings here. don't do or say anything you wouldn't want done to you. be tolerant of eachother, life's too short to hold grudges and hate others. love eachother, because you don't know if that person who said 'bad things' will actually be your support one day.

rant over. i needed to get that out of my system.

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